Touch for Health Kinesiology

At our office, specialized kinesiologist Arline Mills practices a type of muscle testing with the goal of releasing physical, mental, and emotional blocks and restore the body's ability to heal itself. Arline works with biofeedback systems and nutritional supplements to balance the body through muscle monitoring and touch reflexes. Click here and scroll down for more information on Arline.

Anyone and everyone who is interested in their personal well-being will benefit from a balancing session.

What to expect from a balancing session

Stimulates: body's healing ability
Improves: Posture
Relieves: Pain
Decreases: Recovery time
Enhances: Personal best
Boosts: Organs, Glands, Tissues, Every part of the body
Aids in: Self-awareness and self-responsibility
Integrates: Your whole body, brain, mind, and soul