Testimonials for Dr. Paul Diwana

I was in a car accident and suffered from very bad headaches and neck pain. My mom told me to come see Dr. Diwana because he really helped her. I had seen other doctors and physio with not much result. From my first visit with Dr. Diwana I knew that this was actually going to help. I used to have headaches almost every day, now I rarely have one. Also my neck and upper back and shoulder area are virtually pain free. If I ever have pain, Dr. Diwana gets me in right away and fixes whatever is wrong. Very happy patient!!



I started seeing Dr. Diwana 7 years ago when he really helped me out with my knee and foot injuries. He is very kind, professional and dependable and really knows how to fix people. I have since sent my daughter who is an avid dancer when she hurts her back and legs and he totally got rid of her headaches. My son plays hockey and always sees Dr. Diwana when he gets banged up. I am so happy that I found him and that he is in our lives to help us whenever we need him.


North Vancouver

I fell skiing 2 weeks ago and ever since have had severe neck pain and disorientation. I had accepted that my ski season would be over early this season. I was referred to Dr. Diwana by a close friend and after 1 treatment, I felt good enough to run again, and after the second treatment I was totally fine. Great experience!



I have scoliosis in my back and it is always sore. Now that I have kids, it was getting to the point where I could not even pick them up and I was very concerned. After 2 weeks of treatment with Dr. Diwana, his adjustments along with his cold laser treatment got me pain free! I now only see him once a month for preventative care.