Activator Method

Activator Methods uses the latest in advances in orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic examinations to seek joint dysfunction in the spinal column and extremities. This technique is a comprehensive, integrative series of procedures to find and correct subluxations in the spine and other areas of the body framework. Subluxations involve joint dysfunction and associated interference to the nervous system's control and coordination of your body's function and your health. There are two main features that are unique to the activator technique: finding and fixing the subluxations the activator way:

Finding Subluxations the Activator way:

The first feature is a very particular way of locating and characterising subluxations. This involves "leg length checking", in which the chiropractor carefully compares the relative lengths of the patient’s legs while the patient is lying face down on a comfortable adjusting table. The patient is asked to move certain body parts in certain ways. For example, turning the face one way and then the other. This places stresses on related areas of the spine. When a subluxation is present in the area being tested, the movement causes an abnormal nerve reaction in that area which leads to tightening of associated muscles. Muscles on one side of the body contract and shorten relative to the other side, and the chiropractor can detect this by noting a shortening of one of the legs relative to the other. The chiropractor uses these tests to determine which areas of the body, particularly the spine, need adjusting at any particular time.

Fixing Subluxations the Activator way:

Adjustments are delivered by the second feature of Activator Methods technique, the Activator adjusting instrument. This small, hand-held metal instrument delivers a thrust which is barely discernible to the patient. The thrust is developed from the rapid release of a compressed spring inside the instrument.

How does the Activator instrument work?:

When any force is put onto the body, muscles in the involved area are automatically contracted by reflex mechanism in order to protect that area from that force. The Activator instrument produces a thrust which is quicker than the body's reflexes can respond and tighten up the local muscles. So the force necessary to move and adjust the joint is developed by the "speed" of the instrument's thrust. So, although the Activator instrument produces a very effective thrust, it is felt as a mild sensation only.

Who can it help?

Research and experience over 45 years has shown that the Activator instrument is suitable for all patients, including the smallest baby, the senior citizen, and the burly sportsman.The use

of the isolation tests, leg length checking and the Activator adjusting instrument, all put together as an integrated series of procedures, provide an effective method of chiropractic health care.