Why Us?

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine blends the best of traditional/conventional medicine with the healing philosophies of a variety of non-traditional therapies. These therapies emphasize caring for the whole person and focus on healing as much as curing. Integrative medicine engages the mind, body and spirit.

You will be helped

Most of our patients have already tried many approaches and treatment for their condition. Because of our integrative approach, we are frequently told by patients that only we have made a real difference in their health after they had given up hope of living a pain free life.

You will be listened to

We believe people have a good sense of what is going on with their health and wellness. While we use tests and examination skills, the most important information comes from taking the time to hear your story. It is common that we develop a working diagnosis which ties many of your symptoms together that you thought were unrelated.

Your time will be respected

We schedule adequate time to discuss your concerns and answer your questions. At our clinic we try our hardest to stay on schedule so you dont experience prolonged waits.

We will do what it takes

To make sure your healing journey a positive experience.