Testimonials for Dr. Linda Drake, Chiropractor

Three nights and almost no sleep. Headache and a strange pain that started in my jaw and spread all over the neck and inside my ears. Even hard to describe. During a business trip Dr. Linda Drake was doing here in Playa Del Carmen, at some point I was hard to hide and I shared my discomfort with her. Dr. Drake kindly offered me a quick treatment to help me. In less than an hour session, she was able to release all the stress I was feeling and worked in other points in my back that I could ever thought could be related to my pain. The relief was immediate! At this same night I could sleep well again and no sign of the pain I had in the past week. I’m incredibly grateful and impressed with her technique, knowledge and more important how relax she was able to make me feel during and after the session. Thank so much Dr. Drake. You are really amazing.
Jana Simon
March 12, 2018
Playa del Carmen, Mexico

While Bill and I were on holiday in Playa del Carmen, we met Zdenek and his wife Dagmar from Boston. It was apparent right away that something catastrophic had happened to him as he was limping, had many scars on his legs and could not straighten his right knee. I asked him what had happened and he told me that he had fallen off a roof 3 stories to the ground, fractured his leg and pelvis in several places and was in very serious condition. This happened over 5 years ago, and as a result of this injury, he had been in an out of hospital many times for surgery on his leg, but alsoother related problems. He had had a very rough go for many years andthis injury had impacted his own general contracting company very severely.

I worked on him, just with the myofascial percussor and my hands for twohours one morning and then again the following morning before they left for the airport. This is what he said when he emailed me several weeks later:

"I want to thank you first for what you did for me – for how much better I am feeling now ! My legs do not feel like concrete and I am walking so much better and with much less pain. Thanks to you! You are an amazing person. Every time I am walking I think about you what you did in four hours of work on my body. I spend hours and hours in physical therapy and I did not have a result like you did in hotel room. One more time - THANK YOU!!

As you suggested we are walking with walking poles and they have really helped
with stopping the limp. I am moving again like I never thought I would."

Zdenek Kucera
March 2018

Dr. Linda Drake has undeniably transformed my life. After several years of dealing with a myriad of doctors, both holistic and traditional, I can honestly say that Dr. Drake is one of the most effective and trustworthy health practitioners that I have ever experienced.

She has undeniably transformed my life, and I would entrust her with my life without reservation. If this seems like lavish praise, all that I can say is that it is an honest opinion based on observing the results obtained by her expertise.

I highly recommend Dr. Drake's treatments. They can better your life. Linda Drake is easy to talk to and very personable. She understands your pain and knows how to treat it.

I went from acute pain and using a cane for support, to being cane free and experiencing many painless days and nights. This was by the third session!

Dr. Linda Drake, before you treated me I had so many limitations. Pain was my constant companion. I will always be grateful for all that you have done. Thank you for your compassion and understanding. Thank you from all of us that you have treated, Thank You For All That You Do!

I urge you, give Dr. Drake a chance to help you……. you have nothing to lose except your pain! Maybe you can get your Life back too.

Francoise R. Otto
Life Coach
August 2016

Treatment for Concussion Symptoms

I suffered my second concussion in 2 years following a minor shoulder blow to my temple during a field hockey game. Though the collision appeared innocuous, the effects of the impact were lasting. I suffered from debilitating symptoms (including headaches, extreme drowsiness, and light/sound sensitivity); thus, I was unable to work, play, or enjoy life as I knew it. Over the following months, I routinely checked in with my family doctor and a sports medicine specialist, but their advice extended only as far as rest and limiting physical activity until symptoms passed on their own.

As a former university athlete and a kinesiology grad, I’m accustomed to enjoying an active lifestyle. Therefore, after 8 weeks of low energy, inactivity, and residual headaches, I felt frustrated, discouraged, and depressed. It was at this low point of physical, mental, and emotional turmoil that I came across Dr. Linda Drake.

During my initial visit, Dr. Drake took the first step toward truly treating my concussion. By using cold lasers to “reset” my impaired cranial nerves, she prompted immediate change. I felt clear and energized for the first time in months. The frequency and severity of my concussion symptoms decreased significantly, and I was able to begin my return to life.

In the days and weeks since, the results have been phenomenal. I visited her twice a week for the first month, and have continued to see her once a week for another. Dr. Drake has combined the laser treatment with other modalities (while thoroughly explaining the significance of the treatments, each time) to induce scar tissue breakdown and realignment of my skull, neck, and shoulders. I can finally run and bike again, and I’m looking forward to completing a Complete Concussion Management baseline test before returning to competition.

Dr. Drake is truly a visionary. Her vast experience in the chiropractic practice, her desire to integrate different techniques, and her commitment to continuous learning are unprecedented. I would highly recommend Dr. Drake to anyone – she changed my life.

Linda, thank you!

Briana Kelly
North Vancouver
Jan 26/16

As a teenager I suffered a severe break on my lower right leg. Over the years I have spent a lot of time trying to find relief from the pain of osteo-arthritis in my right knee. My chiropractor has helped me a lot in pain management and realignment to keep my knee as painless as possible. As soon as she started doing her new technique, called the “Pain Neutralization technique”, on my knee, it was amazing how my life changed. After one treatment I was able to walk out of my appointment without limping and the pain in my knee was gone. I am still able to walk without limping after a couple of weeks and another appointment. To be able to walk and not have pain has changed my life. I now feel like a normal person with a normal knee! I am very grateful to my chiropractor, Dr. Linda Drake. I can never thank her enough for what she has done for me. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone with the same problems I have had over the years. Once again, thank you Dr. Drake.

- Maureen Keetley

As a practicing Kinesiologist and Fitness Coach, I understood that my injuries were more complex than stretching or strengthening certain muscles. Before going to see Dr. Drake, I had seen several practitioners with some temporary relief. However, Dr. Drake was the first person, in my mind, to address the origin of the problem! She was kind, nurturing and encouraging throughout my entire treatment. She understood the nature of my injury as well as the physical demands of my training and sport.

For the first time in 6 months I am without pain. Thank you Dr. Drake for everything you have done!

Andrea Brennan, Practicing Kinesiologist
BSc. (ATT) FMS 1, SFG 1.
It’s Time Fitness Results

.My 8-year daughter had troubles in spelling with reversing her b and d's, along with other number and letters. Conversations started to talk about dyslexia. Dr. Drake suggested it could be that it could be how her eyes were sending the letter messages to the brain.

After two sessions where my 8yr old simply thought it was fun to wear glasses that blinked little red lights, we noticed a drastic improvement. Her spelling marks have gone from receiving 9/16 to 14-16/16! Speaking with her teacher, she had also noticed a big improvement in how she was reading out loud and an overall improvement in math and spelling. Reversing letters and numbers just doesn't happen anymore. The fix was so easy!

Dr. Drake you are remarkable for bringing in the practices that you do.

David Watson, eXtraContact.com

I have been seeking Dr. Drake's incredible diagnostic and treatment skills since the early eighties. A mountain bike and ski addict there isn't much that will keep me down, but accidents do happen. Just a couple of weeks ago I hurt my knee while having to jump off an elevated ramp with my bike. When physio treatments didn't get me better fast enough, I once again went to the city to see Dr. Drake. As usual she worked miracles. After her treatment I could walk without a limp and go up and down stairs without pain! And that with a torn meniscus and sprained ligament. Thank you Linda - I'll be back!

Uschi Scherer

Dr. Linda Drake is a truly a leader in chiropractic neurological technology, energy medicine and intuitive treatments. Within minutes and without any verbal input or clues from me, she had read my mind/body and accurately diagnosed the list of ailments that have been troubling me for months, namely adrenal burnout, detoxification issues, and back/hip pain. Within two treatments of the cold laser, Trigenics Neuromuscular Therapy and recommended EB foot baths, I experienced profound muscle relaxation and a gross reduction in lower/hip back pain . Much to my surprise, the spinal adjustments and Trigenics treatments were gentle, relaxing, and highly effective. Additionally, she was able to provide me with tips to strengthen my immune and nervous system, and I have experienced a further calming of my nervous system from recommended nutritionals and dietary recommendations. I am amazed at the results in such a short period of time. Dr. Linda Drake, you are amazing at what you do!

Tracey Gramm, Blue Halo Creative

As a person who strives for optimum health, I am very excited to tell you about an extraordinary health practitioner who is gaining a tremendous reputation for healing patients of a variety of aliments. Her name is Dr. Linda Drake, and her research into the leading edge of health technology breakthroughs has helped her develop a powerful healing technique. Patients who have had long term pain have found instant and even total relief.Stiff and sore limbs can become mobile like they were when you were a kid. And better yet, many patients find prolonged results. If you want to get in optimum shape for skiing, golf, hockey, or just everyday life, you will want to book your appointment for your evaluation.

Here's what I found after my first visit with Dr. Drake:

When I first went to see Dr. Drake I was working on recovering from a shattered left leg, I had tried several therapies to deal with the pain and my walking ability remained very limited. It had been more than a year since the accident and I was very discouraged. My joints in my shoulders were seized up from the crutches and I was becoming fearful that I would not ski or sail again. It was after my first treatment that I walked briskly to my car with no pain: the second treatment gave me back my shoulder mobility and allowed me to breathe deeply again. It has been almost two years since my treatments and I continue to enjoy full mobility in my shoulders. Dr. Drake's system gave me the motivation and results I never imagined could happen. I strongly recommend Dr. Linda Drake for anyone needing to repair torn tissue or chronic pain.

I also had severe knee pain when I first saw Dr. Drake and was on the waiting list for knee replacement. Everyday was a torment. The pain had long spread through my entire system. I had been in and out of hospital over the past 13 months with apparently, the best quality care. The muscles in my legs were collapsing giving me seriously bowed legs.

After the initial treatment using Dr. Drake's system my left leg was over 50% straighter and my limp was noticeably improved. I had an open wound that refused to heal due to restricted circulation – Linda performed "cold laser therapy" - and now I have scar tissue where there had been a red open wound. I now walk my dog daily with virtually no pain. If you are interested in avoiding needless back surgery or your pain will not go away you owe it to yourself to call the offices of Dr. Linda Drake. Get informed and experience true healing and an exceptional, caring clinic.

Susan Cameron-Block, Radio personality, professional stunt skier and windsurfer

"Dear Linda, After the last treatment on Sat, I played the finals of the doubles but unfortunately didn't win, not because of my arm but because of other issues.

My opinion of Trigenics is that it certainly helped my elbow which seemed to have a terrible muscle spasm. This approach combines a number of alternative approaches which I have used in the past - reflexology, acupuncture, chiropractic and massage. The gentle resistance movements seems to have prepared the muscles for relaxation; the pressure on the relative pressure points relaxed the muscles further and then the chiropractic adjustment was made very easy and turned out to be much more gentle than it might otherwise have been. I would encourage others in your field who deal with high performance athletes to have a much closer look at this technique to help athletes recover from injuries more quickly.
Thanks for the extra attention.

Mervin Watson, Canadian Men's Masters Tennis Player (over 60)

On June 26, 2003, I broke the greater tuberosity of the humerus (left shoulder) as a result of a high-speed mountain biking collision with Mother Earth.

After a period of rest and the green light from my Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Allan Bagoo, to start rehabilitating the muscles, the rotator cuff muscles insertion at the greater tuberosity, or general region, I contemplated the appropriate plan for recovery. A good friend recommended I try a new form of Chiropractic Care, Trigenics.

"Trigenics is a neurologically based manual treatment system which dramatically alleviates pain, accelerates healing and strengthens muscles in seconds."

As a result of this referral, I was introduced to Dr. Linda Drake. Linda recommended a combination of chiropractic care and massage. On September 2, 3003 I had my first Trigenics treatment. On September 5, 2003 I combined a half hour treatment of Trigenics with one hour of massage. By September 8, 2003, after another combined treatment, the results were liberating. Physiologically I went from not being able to move, turn my arm in an outward motion, from my body; the motion required to put on a seatbelt when in the driver's seat with the left arm, to being able to use the left arm to do this task. We took a very aggressive position with respect to the rehabilitation; three times a week, both treatments. After those three treatments, I progressed to light arm weight work out, stretching and push-ups. One treatment thereafter I was back on my bike (86 days later), though be it a scant version of bicycling, still I was back to building strength and fitness. I have a ways to go, but the end is in sight, perfect timing, just before the snows fall and the cross-country ski trails beckon.....Thank you Dr. Linda Drake.

Monique Wilberg, Gateway Casinos

For months I had noticed my eagle eye vision starting to fail me and had resigned myself to 1.5 reading glasses as the magnified words seemed to not jump around and easier to read. Wanting to make sure my eyes were healthy I had my GP send me to an optometrist for a full eye exam. Upon examination he rated me with 20/ 20 vision, healthy eyes and said if I wore reading glasses I would ruin my eyes. He explained my problems with vision saying that maybe it was stress.

Dr. Drake did not seem to think so. She suggested that she take a look. During our session together Dr. Drake had me wear glasses that little lights would blink off and on and used a "cold" laser to improve how my brain was working. What she knew that the optometrist didn't was that it wasn't my eyes that were the problem, but rather the message that was being sent to the brain. That evening as I was driving I realized I could read a sign that was far away, clearly! I was so excited it had been so long since I've been able to do this! Then I started to notice the streetlights didn't have a haze around them anymore.

It took two sessions with Dr. Drake to have both eyes fully restored to what I was used to. I have had no problems with my vision since. My eyes can follow as I read without the words getting mixed up.I'm so grateful for Dr. Drake to rid me of the myth that "reading glasses come with your 40's!

Gail Watson - eXtra Contact

I met Dr. Linda Drake in February 2007, four months after the death of my husband. I was in severe pain when I first saw her. I had trouble walking. My feet were burning with pain. My left knee was swollen to the extent that I needed a knee-brace to provide me with some comfort. My mornings were the worst – I dreaded getting out of bed knowing that it would take me almost all morning to get going because of the pain. In fact dealing with minor day to day activities was a challenge.

I was under the care of a rheumatologist for my symptoms and was given prednisone for the pain. I was very worried about the side effects of the prednisone and felt that I needed something more than just pills to help me with my predicament.

Then a very a good friend of mine suggested I should see Dr. Linda Drake. Thank goodness for that recommendation! Dr. Drake was immediately able to diagnose my symptoms and I began her special brand of chiropractic treatments – including Neurological Decompression, Cold Laser Therapy and Trigenics Muscle treatments. The results have been unbelievable. Within a few sessions walking and doing small chores became tolerable. As my health improved with the chiropractic treatments, Dr. Drake added the infrared sauna, the Detox Footbath and also the Vertical Vibration Fitness machine to my therapy sessions. On different occasions I have also added acupuncture and craniosacral therapy. I am now also seeing Dr. Karen McGee the naturopathic physician at the clinic to help me combat my osteoporosis condition, which was the result of the prednisone.

I am a firm believer in the practices of Dr. Drake, the Foundation for Integrated Health clinic and what they stand for. While I no longer require regular treatments, I have continued with "maintenance" treatments. I have become "addicted" to feeling well. I am also committed to leaders in the field of integrated health services such as Dr. Drake and her team provide.

Anne-Marie Dekker

Not too many years ago, I enjoyed a fit and quite active lifestyle, participating in various dance and sporting activities. More recently, because of body pain, even long walks became too much for me on most days. Although I have had only 9 treatments with Dr. Drake, I am already noticing some positive changes in how my body feels and functions. Pain levels are beginning to come down, and there are improvements in sleep, energy levels, and mood. I've been able to resume my walking program, and am thrilled to feel my strength and fitness level beginning to return. I highly recommend Dr. Drake for her knowledge, professionalism, and ability to assess and treat all kinds of health issues with her wide array of innovative approaches.

KS, North Vancouver Feb 25, 2010

For the pain management aspect of my year, I saw Linda Drake, the Chiropractor. As I have issues with my back, due to operations, I need someone to really listen to me. And she did. Within no time she knew what to do. Noninvasive treatment and yet so effective. She is a kind hearted person and takes her work seriously. She worked with me and our goal was to free me of all or most pain. And again, success. Not pain free a 100 percent, she didn’t just keep me as a paying patient, she recommended me to a great place for fitness. The It’s Time Fitness studio was the missing link. I learned how to do exercises with correct breathing. Again, I am managing my pain like never before..

Thank you so much for your role in my life.


Over 10 years ago, I had what seemed like a relatively insignificant injury to my left shoulder. I went to physiotherapy and was back at work in a few days. The pain never fully resolved and I went back to physio. It got better, then it got worse and each time, I saw my doctor, got treatment and kept doing what I was doing.

A few years passed and the pain kept coming back and then it stayed. I saw my doctor, had tests and saw specialists. I did different types of physio, chiro, acupuncture, needling and massage. I did yoga and meditation and strength training but nothing helped. I worked my way through every anti-inflammatory, neuropathic pain med’s and even antidepressants and anti-anxiolytics. No resolution. By 2009, my life was severely impacted. I sought out the top specialist in the area and he guided me through more tests and consulted his peers. I spent the next years dependent on powerful narcotic pain killers just to make it through my day. When the pain specialists wanted to admit me to hospital and anesthetize me until I felt better and send me home with a pain pump I balked.

I spent six months essentially housebound slowly removing the drugs out of my system. It was horrendous and at the end, there I was, with my shoulder pain still present.

In 2012 I moved to the North Shore and happened upon Dr. Linda Drake and her clinic. She listened to my story and assessed me, seeming to already know what I needed to get my life back. After the first appointment…I felt better. So I kept coming. Linda has been working with me since. As each contributing issue is addressed and another shows its face, she addresses it…and I have my life back. There are things I couldn’t do for a decade that I can do and there are things I never thought I could do again that are on the horizon. Linda has been supportive and caring from the moment I walked in the door, broken and dejected. She has helped treat, guide and encourage me back to health. There may not be a miracle fix for my issues but I consider Linda to be my miracle worker.

North Vancouver

Thank you Dr Drake. You have reinforced my faith in Chiropractic and the healing capacity of the body when guided properly.

I am a Chiropractor and you have saved me.

I had been suffering with severe arm pain and numbness with restricted neck motion for five months. I was getting tired, impatient and losing the faith. I even got a CT scan because of fear that it was something else but it simply confirmed my thoughts that it was a herniated disc with lateral nerve entrapment.

As a Chiropractor I was getting adjusted a lot by my loving chiropractor but things were not really changing. I tried another chiropractor with a different technique but we both realized it wasn’t helping and he was quite confident that surgery may be the final treatment.

I then remembered someone telling me about the success of Laser Therapy. I checked the North Shore and was directed to Dr. Linda Drake’s office. I was pleased to hear Mary on the other end of the phone because she had trained one of my assistants in the past.

Linda was kind enough to see me and do her magic. The techniques she uses I had heard of but never experienced. Her knowledge of the body, nervous system and healing techniques impressed me. After the first visit which was so relaxing, she showed me simple postural corrections that immediately started to improve my condition. With each visit it got better and better.

Within a month and a total of 4-5 visits I am symptom free. I have learnt so much and I am forever in her debt.

Thank you Linda. Keep on healing. You are a blessing to the profession.

Dr. Wayne Jakeman,