Testimonials for Dr. Aleem Remtulla, Chiropractor

I've had a fantastic experience at this clinic with multiple practitioners. I've had the pleasure of working with Dr. Aleem Remtulla on the chiropractic front, and with Alia for RMT work.

The clinic is a warm and welcoming environment and the way they approach your whatever journey of health or healing you are on is built on sound foundations and addressing root causes.

- Manuel

I first came to see Dr. Remtulla for back, hip, and wrist issues. Since the treatments, I've noticed multiple improvements such as decrease in pain in my back and hips, and much less tingling in my wrists and hands.

The treatments last and each one builds on the previous ones. My experience with more traditional chiropractors has been that I would go out of alignment again and again. Dr. Aleem's methods really stick!

- Cathy

I first came to see Dr. Remtulla because of a refferal from a medical doctor at Park Royal Medical Clinic. They recommended I go see him because I was having really bad reactions to pain pills and had explained that I had tried other treatments with no success. I had bad sciatic pain with tingling in my foot and leg along with sensory nerve issues in the front of my leg which were unbearably painful and affecting my daily life. I wasn't sleeping more than a few hours a night as the pain was worse when laying down. Seven days before my first appointment I decided to go gluten free and also tried another nutrional approach called "Eating your Blood Type" in order to bring down overall inflammation in my body. I noticed improvements right away and I believe that through my change in diet and receiving these specialized treatments (by Dr. Remtulla), my problems and pain disappeared.

The improvements I have noticed are a major decrease in pain and better sleep. I now have my quality of life back as well as feeling more positive, since I had lived with the pain for so long.

It was surprsing how quickly I improved. I also made the commitment to myself that I was going to do everything I could to improve my health. Dr. Remtulla was awesome and was able to answer all my questions and was very imformative about the treatments he was giving. He has a very gentle touch and I look forward to all my appointments, knowing that I am getting better without pain pills.

- Yelma

I first came to see Dr. Remtulla at the request of my medical doctor for low back pain. I noticed great improvement with his treatments. My body now feels like new!

- Wilson

Dr. Remtulla is patient and very skilled and cares about my overall health. I feel great! Also, the treatment plan is flexible and works with my schedule. The team is so friendly and I always feel welcomed.

It is a great location - very convennient

- Karim

Dr. Remtulla was great and helped to fix my problem. He was kind, courteous and very patient with me and my problem. Every visit with him is a treat and I always feel relief. The clinic itself is a cute, clean place and I love that it is in the market place. The 2 hours free parking is amazing as well!

- Natasha

Took the day off as I had a lower back injury and was calling around places to see who could take me in for an appointment on short notice. Was able to see Dr. Remtulla. Very knowledgeable and friendly. I could tie my shoes after he helped loosen me up. Would definitely recommend him. If the insurance company I deal with wasn't such a pain, I would definitely schedule more appointments.

- Lex Chen