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Hygiene, cleaning and disinfection

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Upon entering the clinic, hands must be washed according to BCCDC standards – which are posted by the kitchen sink and bathroom sink washing stations.

Clean the sink and handle surfaces after you have used.

Please bring a pair of shoes that you will use only in the clinic. Spray soles at end of day. Consider bringing “work” clothes or changing into street clothes if you are not going directly home. Bag clothes to wash at home.

Spray down all touch surfaces, doors, handles, walls by chairs (massage changing balance loss), chairs and tables (chiro), tablets/computers prior to the start of your day. Make this a habit between clients/patients as a minimum protocol to prevent surface transmission between clients. Do the same at end of day.

Disinfectant spray can be made from bleach at a 1:100 dilution. Bleach has been provided and spray bottles will be made to sit at kitchen sink and washroom with signage to encourage pre and post use on sink, taps, toilet handle, light switch and door before exiting the washroom. Refuse container is a toe touch to open, so no contamination.

Hands free soap and hand sanitizer dispensers are back -ordered.


Patients must wait outside until their appointed time and will be entered by their therapist/doctor.

Patients must wear a mask to enter the clinic. If they do not have one, one will be provided for them.

Patients must use hand sanitizer upon entering the clinic.

Patients are encouraged not to “touch” anything as they enter and are escorted to the treatment room.

Patients are escorted to the door when they leave. If the have to discuss payment or insurance with the front desk, they can take a pump of hand sanitizer with one hand, open the door with the other and wash hands with the sanitizer after they have exited.

Modify staff areas and work flow

DO NOT COME TO WORK if you think you are sick. Zero tolerance for this issue.

All staff meetings will now be held on Zoom at a mutually agreed time.

Staggered work times AM/PM have been implemented for RMT’s; DC’s are offset time-wise as well. RMT’s are on the 20 min rotation with 60 min massages only offered, except at the beginning or the end of the day, as long as it doesn’t interfere with another practitioners timing. RMT’s are doing 5 treatments back to back with no break in order to limit time in the clinic. This limits interaction in the office and breaks as well.

Most treatment rooms are the exclusive use of one practitioner as much as possible and each practitioner has the use of one room for their entire shift.

Each practitioner has his or her own tablet/computer to chart on/use.

High ceilings (13”) and increased forced air increases ventilation and decreases “closeness” of airflow.

Scheduling appointments and communicating with clients

Days have been given to allow for only 4 practitioners at a time in the office. Higher flow practitioners (DC) are offset and only share Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as co-working days. Tuesday is a 5-practitioner day and extra staffs are on to help with flow and cleaning.

Staggered appointments as per above.

Covid screening form is online and is to be completed before entering the office. If not completed, time is taken from patient appointment to complete.

All scheduling can be completed online, intake forms are sent via email and completed at home and are available for the practitioner’s use prior to the appointment. Minimizes the front desk contact as much as possible.

Communication regarding Covid modifications be made available on the website.

Reception/Waiting area

Large banner at the entrance of the clinic clearly delineates the clinic rules regarding entering the clinic – mask, use of hand sanitizer, completion of the Covid screening document, no bags, groceries or other shopping and no companions unless absolutely necessary.

Patients wait outside the clinic until the doctor/therapist comes to greet and enter them. They are directed to the hand sanitizer directly beside the door.

Sneeze shield (plexiglass) has been erected around the whole reception area with small pass through for necessary documents, cards only.

Use of Jane program, once insurance and credit cards have been correctly added to program allows for a click to pay option and receipt sent directly to the patient’s email.

New, plastic chairs have been purchased for easy cleaning and only 3 chairs have been provided at the front reception area to use if needed.

Chairs are 1 – 6 feet delineated by a bookcase – then 2 chairs together for “family use.”

All books, magazines, toys and water have been removed from the reception/waiting area.

Provision of Health Services/Documentation/Training

Covid screening forms scrutinized for any ill or symptomatic patients/clients prior to treatment. If patient is unwell, treatment is terminated and patient is escorted out of the clinic. This is to be documented in their chart and reported to the front desk/Bill Ridley or Linda Drake

Masks are mandatory in all treatment rooms for the duration of the treatment. Adjustments can be made to prone patients who have difficulty breathing with a mask on with pillow case (massage).

Effective cleaning of surfaces done pre and post every treatment, hand washing after treatment, existing patient escorted and exited by practitioner and new patient escorted to the treatment room. Effective hand cleaning as delineated by CDCBC charts by the sinks is mandatory.

After hand cleaning, please disinfect area with spray provided and wipe to clean all touched surfaces.

Report any concerns to management.

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